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Our new affiliate. [Aug. 11th, 2006|07:58 pm]
Doggett is love


Just wanted to give a quick mention to our newest affiliate createthefuture. I'm sure you've all seen this comunity advertised already, but for those who haven't, this is a community set up to start a writing campaign to Fox, after Gillian Anderson said,

"And as far as the X-F movie? I have no f****** clue. I think there's still a law suit, as far as I know the script has not been written, and as much as we all want it to take place as soon as possible, AND YES THAT INCLUDES ME, AND ALWAYS HAS, SO STOP WITH THE NONSENSE! It is out of my hands. Completely. Write to Fox guys, tell them to make it happen!"

That's exactly what this community aims to do, so if you're interested, check it out!